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for World of Warcraft

Wednesday 29.03.2017

18 February 2017

Released version 6.3.2fm - battle modules updated.

Added: Mr.Sergey
Date: 18.02.2017
26 January 2017

Released version 6.3.1fm - bot updated for build 7.1.5 23420

Added: Mr.Sergey
Date: 26.01.2017
11 January 2017

Released version 6.3.0fm - fix game crashes when clearing target.

Added: Mr.Sergey
Date: 11.01.2017
11 January 2017

Released version 6.2.9fm - bot updated for build 7.1.5 23360

Added: Mr.Sergey
Date: 11.01.2017
10 December 2016

Released version 6.2.7fm - bot updated for build 7.1.0 23222

Added: Mr.Sergey
Date: 10.12.2016

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I present you completely new bot for fishing in World of Warcraft (Fishing Bot)
(current bot version - v6.3.3fm от 16.03.17)

Bot works with Legion 7.1.5 23420

Bot fully supports fishing in Legion – it applies lures and uses Legion fishing items, fights and loots attacking mobs.

This is the original author site. Thus buying the bot on this site guaranties you 100% support and bug fixes in shortest time. Bot is developed constantly, new features and abilities are added. After purchasing the bot you can post any feature or modernization request in our forum.

About current bot version:

Current version works with Legion 7.1.5 23420 and is designed for fishing in any zone. It has the following features:

- bot can fish in any place where player can fish, including Garrison;
- it will apply the best lure you have got - now your character will fish with 100% maximum efficiency - lure will always present on your pole;
- Legion lures and items to obtain them are supported;
- Rare Legion fish is used for both fishing leveling and Artifact power gain;
- When your toon is attacked it will not stay and die but will fight and continue fishing;
- WoD unique lures support (you can select several at one time);
- best fishing pole autoequip when fishing starts, or even in fishing progress - p.e. if the new better pole with higher skill bonus then equipped one was fished, then it will be equipped;
- bot can be run in background, you can start it on any account number simultaneously;
- it can fish in Dalaran fountain;
- bot analyzes only your bobber so you can start it in crowded places;
- automatic shutdown of computer/bot/game in set time interval;
- you can select the fish to be skipped - bot will catch everything except set fish keeping bag space;
- automatic opening of shells, chests, anything to be opened;
- autorelog upon game disconnect;
- hearthstone before auto shutdown;
- shutdown in case of character death;
- selectable action when bags are full;
- sound notification/shutdown on whisper or /say message;
- bind-on-pickup items for achievements and much more...

You can leave the bot working for a whole night and your bags are GUARANTIED to be full with fish in the morning.


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